Why should you choose A Perfect Shine Cleaning?

A Perfect Shine Cleaning Services specializes in San Diego Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services. We continually strive to perfect our trade. We are San Diego’s Premier Cleaning Company.

Many of our clients have tried many of the different cleaning companies and referral agencies in San Diego. When they finally reach us, they have come to the realization that they should not search for a cleaning company based on price alone.

If you are looking for a dependable, professional cleaning company with over 14 years of experience; A Perfect Shine is your company.

Why is finding good, dependable cleaning individuals or companies so difficult???

Most individual cleaners have never had formal cleaning training. They may not know about the different cleaning products and equipment that should be used on specific surfaces such as granite, hardwood, stone, laminate, etc? On the other hand, individual cleaners may be good but they are extremely unreliable.

“Sorry Mrs. Jones but my baby is sick today and I can’t come.” Ever heard that one?

Referral agencies provide “Independent Contractors”. Independent contractors are NOT employees of the referral agency. The “Independent Contractor” normally has never had any formal cleaning training either. Referral agencies legally must disclose the fact that they are actual “Referral Agencies”. Many don’t. SO ASK! “Are you a referral agency”?

Referral agencies also must disclose, both verbally and in writing, that YOU (the customer) may be liable for payment of employment taxes including unemployment insurance and social security for this “Independent Contractor”. Unless you love doing accounting and payroll, you should avoid this situation.

Another problem often encountered with referral agencies is the situation where you are unhappy with the cleaning your “independent contractor” performs. Since the referral agency can NOT legally train or direct the work of the “Independent Contractor”, the referral agency’s only solution is to send another “Independent Contractor”. This is the cycle you fall into with referral agencies. Most individuals don’t understand exactly how referral agencies work.

Although we are San Diego’s premier cleaning company, we are still affordable. While most cleaning companies do not list their rates, we do. Our motto is HONESTY. We try to be as honest and upfront as possible with our business. Many of our competitors check our rates and then set their price slightly below ours. They believe that pricing is everything. We believe in setting a fair rate based on our costs and overhead. We do not base our rates on our competitors. We are in business for the long run. We are not here to get the most money possible out of our customers. We have built our business on professionalism and our customers reward us with long term repeat business.

A Perfect Shine gives estimates over the phone. Many companies only give “in home” cleaning estimates. After arriving at your home and performing a walk through, it’s time to pour on the sales pressure. We do not like that approach. We give you our rates on our website and over the phone.
No pressure. We also give you rates that are honest. Many of our competitors will give you a low rate over the phone and then spring a big bill on you after the job is done? or just before beginning the job when it may be impossible to find another cleaning company for that day.

We base your rate on the size and condition of your home. If you tell us that your home is 2000 square feet and not too dirty and we arrive and the house is 3000 square feet and hasn’t been cleaned in over a year? Well of course you can’t expect us to clean this home for the same price and in the same timeframe. For residential cleaning we charge by the hour for the initial cleaning. After we have performed the initial cleaning, we will give you a much lower fixed rate if you decide to set up a regular service.

Why can’t we give a fixed rate for the first cleaning?

First time cleaning generally takes longer than your regular service. We must clean your house thoroughly and prepare it for a regular service. After the initial clean, we can determine how long it will take us to maintain your home. The first cleaning is always longer than the regular service. Don’t be scared off by an initial cleaning rate. You are making an investment in your home and then you are allowing us to maintain it.

In short, you should choose A Perfect Shine because we are not a referral agency. We are not a franchise. We are a locally owned company that strives for customer satisfaction and reasonable rates.

We Service ALL San Diego including North County!

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